Small businesses that are searching for a way to quickly grow their business, target market, and improve their earnings have to invest in advertising to create awareness about their brand in the competitive business world. There are many different ways to advertise your small business and online advertising is one of them.

Online advertising has changed since its start as a fixed image that pops up at the top of a website. Presently, there many different types of ads you can use to advertise your business and here are a couple of them.

Video ads

The business world is quite competitive with a wide market and crowded advertising space. The truth is, people now have variety to choose from so everything about your business has to sell your brand. From your customer service, logo, design, product quality, and ads, you have to do everything possible to stand out.

One of the ways to achieve this is by doing short and creative video ads. It has to be short because your target customer’s attention span is quite short and you have to make even the first 10 seconds count.

At, we recommend you use 30-60 seconds of video and audio in standard 1280 x 720 (720p) or 1920 x 1080 (1080p) format.  Video is not autoplay at this time.  You must host your video at YouTube or Vimeo.

Video views ads

Video views ads lets you drive more traffic and views to your videos. These ads are optimized by to be publicized to people who are most likely to have interest and view your videos when they pop up. This will help to create awareness about your brand and bring forward prospective customers.

Video views

You have this detailed and beautiful video that you have made but still lacking with the views. Most small business owners face this issue but with online advertising and as your platform, this can be changed.

Text ads

Text ads include text and text links that brands and marketers use to promote their message and products. One of the advantages of text ad is that, it is easy to launch; you do not necessarily need to use graphic design or images. Text ads needs just copy and links to present web pages or landing pages.

With Pbb-bestbuy text ad package, your text ads will appear a minimum of 10 times per day, usually much more. Your ads may rotate (evenly) as many as 3 ads at a time. Our process is similar to Google's Adwords.  The ad is made up of a 30 character Headline or less (which is a link to your site) and a description of up to 80 characters (including spaces).

Offer claims

This is another effective online advertising strategy and an amazing way to drive traffic to your online store at You can place the offer claim ads in the news feed for both your desktop and mobile users, even at the right sidebar for an easy view.

Customers always love to have special discounts and offers and will definitely visit your online store to be amongst the lucky winners. You can offer your new product to 5 people or one of your most loved or bestselling products.

Clicks to Website

When you select the click to website option, it allows you to link specific pages in your ad section for text or news feed. Click to website is one of the best and effective ways to make new site visitors have fundamental information in the areas where you want them to see.

Website Conversions

Website Conversions ads lets you to direct visitors to particular pages with the aim of turning those visitors into sales, leads, or subscribers. Before you create your ad for website conversion, you need to add a conversion-tracking pixel to your website.

When you create your pixel that you can add to every page on your website when you complete a particular goal is achieved. You can add pixels to your order confirmation page when people buy or the thank you page that covers the section of where your lead comes from.

Once the conversion tracking pixel has been set up, you can proceed to creating website conversion ads. Website conversion ads can be positioned in the news feed section; it can be used for both desktop and mobile site users and even the right sidebar.

Event Responses

Do you have an upcoming event that you want your customers and target market to know about? This can be an upcoming contest, flash sales, discounts, and giveaway. Event responses ads let you advertise your upcoming event and the reactions/comments of the people you invited to the event.

Your event response ad can be positioned on the right sidebar for desktop users. This will give an opportunity for more people to learn about your event and increase the outreach of your program giving room for prospective leads and possible sales.