Many women who have dry skin take moisturizing as their main skin care routine, applying it in the morning, noon, and at night in order to leave their skin hydrated and not dry. Though moisturizing is a good idea it is good to go in mostly for lightest product that can help you relieve the dryness.

It is pointless getting a separate neck cream, but using a separate eye cream is recommendable. These products always have preservatives to prevent eye infections in these sensitive areas.

Choosing makeup for dry skin

Several people most often experience itching and dryness after applying their makeup or skin care products. The reason for this reaction is how one takes care of their skin (skin care routine). The first thing you should always consider before buying any beauty product is if it’s the right one for your skin type – dry, oil or combination (both oily and dry).

You should always go in for products that are made for your skin type for the best skin nourishment. In the course of applying makeup on your face sure you must have seen some dry patches on your face. The reason for this not a reaction by your skin but as a result of the product you used – high probability is the one you used does not match your skin type.

Makeup tips for people with dry skin


This is usually one of the basic procedures for all skin types though the products are different since it depends on your skin type. For dry skin, go in for an exfoliator that is made for people that have dry skin.

 This helps you to get rid of visible dry lines from dead cells before you can apply your makeup. You need to check the number of times you have to apply the product – one that matches your skin type because that helps you to avoid any further complications. Once you know the number of times you have to use it, follow the procedure strictly.

Nonetheless, exfoliating your skin once in a week is a general recommendation from most skin care experts. This is to help you get rid of dark spots from your body. You can exfoliate your lips too to leave them soft and fresh preventing dryness – lip exfoliating has its own procedure.


Just like exfoliating, moisturizing your skin is also important. Amongst all the other skin types, you have to take this step seriously because of your skin type – make sure the moisturizer you use gets soaked properly in your skin.

On the other hand, do not go in for oily formulas as they may block the pores of your skin. When buying your skin moisturizer, buy one that is rich and not oily – go in for good moisturizer that will smoothen your skin and nourish it well. You can check out good moisturizers for your skin type on the beauty section of

Foundation and primers

Always make sure to avoid a lot of makeup. Primers make this process achievable and buy light primers so you can use in smoothening your skin. Use a foundation made for dry skin – check out some of the foundations at

Do not use powders that leave the skin dry cause of your skin type because it will make your skin look cranky. When choosing your foundation, make sure to take the color of your skin one and one that has a light texture. You can easily shop for these cosmetic products online from the comfort of your home at Angelsmarketplace.

Eye Shadows

If you want to make your makeup pop, you can use eye shadows. Go in for creamy eye shadows and the color of the eye liner you would love to wear. They prevent pulling your eye lids since they are quite sensitive and give you your desired look. For any other eye makeup, go in for products you love but make sure they do not act as a means to spoil your makeup.

 Cheeks and Lips

You can use blush cream blushes to highlight your makeup on the cheeks. This helps to make your makeup shine. When buying your makeup, do not buy the power of the gel-based blush as they will only make your skin appear drier. Give your lips the treatment it deserves by using a lip balm followed by a lipstick or lip gloss.

Do's and Don'ts for Dry Skin


·       Wash your face scrupulously at night to get rid of any makeup. In the morning, just splash your face with lukewarm water.

·       Moisturize when your skin is still wet from cleansing.

·       Moisturize extremely dry skin with the heaviest moisturizer your skin can tolerate.

·       Buy creamy-oil rich makeup.

·       Avoid sun damage by making use of a strong sunscreen daily.


·       Do not wash your face using soap rather go in for a mild, soap-free liquid cleanser.

·       Use abrasive pads to scrub your face, wash cloths or use grainy cleaners.