Online businesses are succeeding with the retail sector and online purchase steadily growing because of the stress-free comfort, and ease they offer. With the implementation of the lockdown in some parts of the world as a result of COVID, many people are now using the online method of shopping.

Another thing is that, running an online business can be done by anyone and from any part of the world. You just need to find the marketplace like to sign up and sell your products. Before this is done, you have to design your online store. Designing your store is an important part of your business especially if you want customers to keep coming back. Here are some things to bear in mind when you are ready to build your ecommerce store.


When designing your online store, go in for a clean and simple design instead of one that has so many graphics and call to actions. Another thing to take into consideration is if you want to develop your own personal theme or select one provided by the online marketplace and make some changes.

When designing your website, use a clean, simple design rather than one with too many graphics and slot in concise call to actions. Though it can be expensive, a personalized theme lets you add some unique features to your store that may be not be on the online marketplace.

On the flip side, pre-made themes are affordable and in some cases free. If you are going in for a pre-made theme, be sure to update it frequently and that they have customer support details in case of any problems. Your eCommerce store should be accessible across several platforms and operating systems.

SEO attracts organic traffic to your eCommerce site

If you want to get to your possible customers before your competitors, then optimizing your website pages will help you get on the first page of the search results. Carry out keyword research to get words that people often search for when looking for items related to your products.

You can include important words to your product descriptions and names. Re-examine these keywords at seldom to renew them and try out which of the keywords work well. You can develop the rankings of your eCommerce page by using good page titles that include important keywords related to your brand. Though Meta descriptions do not enhance ranking, it is good to include relevant descriptions since they will make more people to click and visit your site.




The products you decide to sell online are a main factor to think about when you want to create your online store. It is important that you do a research about your target customers in order to know the type of products that will be appealing to them.

Use high definition pictures to display the products you sell making sure you put your top selling products at the fore front of your store. The pictures you use to display your products should be colorful and appealing. Make sure to always monitor the activities of visitor and modify your listed products to match their preferences and online shopping patterns.


The way you price the products listed in your online store is very vital. For your online pricing strategy, you need to look for different ways to make your customers buy from your store. Create a means to offer free shipping to your customers in order to make your products more appealing and improve sales.

If you decide to use this you have to make sure the free shipping still includes your profit after calculating the cost of production. The secret is to add the prices of your products and include the shipping and promotional cost in it.

Traffic and Visitors

Several online store owners can become easily discouraged after designing their online store. One of the reasons why this happens is because they have not had any traffic or visitors. Before launching your online store, come up with plan of how you will get more visitors to eCommerce store.

Make your family and friends talk about your store to their own circle of friends. Advertise your online store on both online and offline platforms. Lure your customers to visit your store by introducing special promos and discounts to customers who purchase products or those who invite their friends to your online store. You can equally launch new products just on your eCommerce store. Different ways to improve your traffic is to add online ads and SEO strategies.


Payment methods are another important part of designing an online store on When designing your online store, make sure to include multiple means of payment so as to give your clients a seamless shopping experience. Payment difficulty is sometimes a discouraging factor for most online shoppers.