When it gets to customer spending patterns; the content provided online social discussions have an enormous effect on how and what people decide to purchase. Marketers develop content to influence and engage with their customers.

Today’s customers are curious and have knowledge about most things they want and tend to leave a site when an add pops up. How can marketers bridge this gap? Influencer marketing is one of the ways to win the trust of your customers.

Just a positive reference from a trusted source can give your brand the engagement it needs. This trusted person which marketers refer to as influencers are just the force a business needs to increase their sales and create awareness about their brand.

Who are the new influencers?

In this new era, bloggers and people who have loyal fans/followers on social media are the new influencers every brand needs. These categories of people are social confident people who are knowledgeable about social media and engaging more with digital content than with brands and companies.

What makes new influencers more influential is the industry-related content they can create which is always in a specific area. You can find several bloggers publishing content in trendy areas like; parenting, food, fitness, fashion, and the entertainment industries.

Influencers can be further specified to reach out to a definite target consumer like the parents of teens, pet lovers, tech lovers and organic cooks. The idea of getting affiliated with bloggers and different active social media users is to improve your brand outreach and get your content to an already interested and established audience. This is important for your online store at www.Angelsmarketplace.com.

Finding the right influencers

Irrespective of its obvious benefits, influencer marketing will not yield any effective results if you do not work with the right influencers. It can be tempting to make use of single metrics like social media followers to determine the influence of a person but it is essential to look beyond the following. How then can you determine someone’s influence?


Before you start checking the new visitors and old site visitors, it is essential to determine if their content are in line with your brand’s message and vision. You can read through their old content on their page or site to determine their target market.

You must look at your brand’s message and see if the influencers you want to work with match your vision. If you are a fashion base company, you have to look for a fashion blogger or an individual who loves fashion and do a partnership. This makes the work easier and more effective.

 Study the Influencer’s engagement metrics and other insights

One of the best ways to get the right influencer is to take a keen look at the engagement of the audience as it is the best way to check validity of the influencer. Aside the numbers, look at the data analysis to come up with a successful marketing plan.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of an influencer can aid the brand know the best influencer to use for a business. To determine the influencer’s engagement is not difficult as there are several tools that can be used to achieve this.

Take time to invest in Social Listening

In order to choose the right brand influencer for a brand, it is essential to go for someone who is a good fit for the product or services sold by the brand. Achieving this process requires a good social listening to attain the best contender.

How can this be achieved? Take time to assess the influencer; to determine if they already love the brand or use their products or service. Also try to find out who the fans follow to aid determine who the brands perfect fit is.

Creating this detailed image of the social media findings can help a brand figure out the best influencer who matches their description.

Look into their technical skills

Right now, just anyone can become an influencer. Just using a good camera to take a video gives some level of influence. Another pay off can come with changing personalities and matching it with a great caption or story.

Professional influencers have the right social skills to maintain the attention that will come off from influencing. Having the right technical skills is more important than the number of likes, engagement. Influencers with the right technical skills have the skills to handle company crisis or any PR issues.

Be in touch with the influencers

It is important to keep a big picture when selecting an influencer. Some brand owners tend to judge competency of an influencer from their page which gives them a quick clue if they will be the best fit.

Talking with them will give the best insight and talking with them about their past projects and campaigns or the impact they have had so far will be the best.