Do my items listings expire?

your listing remain active for a certain period. it depends on listing response.

How do I sell digital goods?

You can list your products, add full detail, description pictures and all information. if you have any issue please feel free to contact us.

How do I delete my items?

You can login into your account and find all active listing. you can delete any item from there.

How do I know if someone buys something?

A email notification will be sent to your registered email. all updated regarding your item will be shared though email instantly.

I’m I allowed to list fake items?

NO! we are continuously monitoring website activities, any fake or spam item are restricted.

What happens if I disobey your policy?

It can lead your account permanent suspension and removal of all listed products.

Can I link my products to Google attributes for exposure?

Yes! if your products are related to local eCommerce or something where it need you can add google attributes.

Why isn’t my picture coming up after selecting it for the item?

Please use the proper size good quality pics ,they will be visible as your products thumbnail.

Can I Bulk up load items to my store?

You can multiple items to store, they need to upload one by one.

What is Angelsmarketplace.com?

Angelsmarketplace.com is best marketplace to add your products listing, you can add new and any of item to sell. Sell can list item itself and can find direct buyer. we are boosting audience day by day and it will be easy way to approach buyer through Angelsmarketplace.com

How do I contact a seller?

You can contact seller directly through seller’s provided contact information, or you can also send them message though our marketplace.

What is the cost for listing on Angelsmarketplace.com?

Listing products on Angels market place is free, you can also use featured products option for boosting your products. that has minor cost. you can choose any of preferred plan or contact our support team.