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Make Money As An Angel Affiliate

Can you really make money while you sleep?


It's called Affiliate Marketing and it's the best no-cost way to make money online.  Neil Patel has a great explanation of the concept here.

Here's our short explanation:

Sites like Angels Marketplace give people with products a way to sell them online without the expense of building and managing a complex online store website (Believe me, web developers don't come cheap!). At Angels Marketplace we don't charge store owners anything to have a store on our site, instead we charge a small percentage of every sale. For sellers, it's a lot less expensive to sell a product online at Angels Marketplace than it is to pay the rent, power bills and other overhead of having a brick and mortar store.

One expense isn't covered by Angels Marketplace. 


A typical brick and mortar store puts up a sign and hopes for customers.  Smart business owners also have an advertising budget that lets them buy newspaper, radio, or TV ads to ask people to come to their store.  Typically, they budget about 5% of their sales for advertising. Those ads are expensive and there is no guarantee they actually work.

Being part of Angels Marketplace has another advantage:  built in buyers.  Think of our site like a shopping mall. When a buyer comes to our site looking for a product they need, they are likely to shop other products from other store owners.  This helps all the sellers on our site.

But the store owner is still not guaranteed to sell their products. 

Our store owners only pay us when they sell a product. What if they only paid for advertising when it delivered a sale?

That's where you come in as an Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate Marketers explore Angels Marketplace and find products they like. They simply tell people about the product and share a special "Affiliate Link."  If someone clicks that link and buys the product, they earn a commission!  Typically it's 5%.  

But, let's get a little technical and explain something REALLY BIG:  When you visit a website, the site creates a "cookie" on your computer (you've seen the notices).  One benefit is that your browser remembers your login username and password.  But the cookie also tells the site, "yes, I've been here before." At Angels Marketplace, our cookie tracks "affiliate links" - and they last for 90 days. 

Here's the secret to making more money as an affiliate at Angels Marketplace:  Whatever the customer buys in the 90-day period, pays you the same 5% commission.

So, even if you promote a low cost product, you can make big commissions if your buyer buys something big... anytime in the next 3 months!

It's Easy to Become an Affiliate Marketer at Angels Marketplace

Step 1 - Register
Step 2 - Get Your Link
Step 3 - Share Your Finds


Step 1 - Register

Click this link to Register as an Angels Marketplace Affiliate

On the first page, you'll be presented with two options: New Affiliate of Affiliate Login.  Click Continue. Later, after you have become an affiliate, you'll use the Login form to get to your Affiliate Dashboard.

On the next page is a simple registration form:

Just fill in

  1. Your Personal Details. All fields required
  2. Your Affiliate Information. The first three are optional, but your Tax ID and Payment Method & it's details will be required before we can make a payment to you, but you can do that later.  For now you can say Cheque and put your name in the Payee field.
  3. Create a strong password.  Your security is your responsibility and we are not responsible if someone hacks your account for using a simple-to-guess password.
  4. Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box before you hit continue.

After your account has been approved, you will get an email with directions to confirm your signup.

Step 2 - Get Your Link

After logging in to your account, you will discover two new additions to your user dashboard under the heading MY AFFILIATE ACCOUNT.   

Edit your affiliate information is where you can edit your payment information.

Custom Affiliate Tracking Code needs some explanation.

  1.  Your Tracking Code.  This long strong of numbers is your tracking code.  Adding it to the end of a Angels Marketplace URL you share, will allow you to earn commissions from any sale made to the customer who follows your link.
  2. Tracking Link Generator.  This is the easy way to create a link.  Simply put a product name into this box and select a product. Look in box #3
  3. Tracking Link. Copy the text in this box to get your Affiliate Link to the item in box #2.  Share that link to earn money.


Step 3 - Share Your Finds

Start shopping at Angels Marketplace.  One suggestion is to start with products you already own and love, that makes it easy to recommend them to your friends.  Another suggestion is to find hot products to share.  Think about those crazy 'fidget spinners" from a couple of years ago. Or the next big "must have" kitchen appliance that everybody wants.

Now, share your find online.  If you've got a blog, make a post about the product (that's how bloggers make money). Share it on Facebook. Tweet about it.  Post on Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, anywhere you like.  Some affiliate marketers even make review videos on YouTube.  There are a million ways to get your link out.

What not to do

Don't Spam!  Some low class affiliate marketers go into forums and paste links, or in the comment section of unrelated blogs.  Nobody likes that.  And you should know that we expect our affiliates to act ethically.  If we get complaints about an affiliate of ours posting junk links, we will terminate that affiliate and they will forfeit any outstanding commissions.

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