Fruits to avoid for weight loss

September 17, 2022
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If you are planning on losing weight and getting back shape for a big event or you feel motivated, then you need to make sure that you have a proper diet plan and training workout sessions to keep the rush going. The problem is that not everyone caton identify the number of calories that they need to lose and the amount that they should consume on a daily basis.

The newbies are not even aware of the food items that you need to avoid. We all know that to lose weight we need to cut down on fats and carbs for a while and we know what to do that we need to move to fresh food items and avoid the processed food items along with the fast food that we get from the restaurants and cafes.
Well, there is a common perspective that fruits are good for your health. Yes, for sure they are right for you, but certain fruits contain a lot of fats and carbs which won’t be helpful while you are on the mission of losing weight. So today in this article we are going to talk about some of the significant fruits that you must avoid staying on track.

  • Avocado
    Avocados are very beneficial for our, but they are one of those fruits that have loads of calories in it. It would be perfect for you if you are planning on gaining weight, but when you are losing weight, you should avoid using it in your breakfast and even during the day. If you measure the number of calories, then 100 grams of avocado contains 160 calories which are a large portion of what you must consume on a daily basis. The fruits contain healthy fats so you can destroy it once in a while but don’t over absorb it.
  • Grapes
    Juicy fruits are our all-time favorite. No one wants to give up nuts, but you need to give them up if you are on the verge of getting back into shape because only 100 grams of grapes contain 16 grams of sugar which are a lot of calories. Your goal is to lower your sugar consumption to lose weight. Along with grapes, you must avoid all other fruits that contain high sugar level as well.
  • Dry fruits
    Dry fruits are good for your health because they come with a lot of beneficial nutrients, but the problem is that these fruits are all dried up which I why they are only made of calories and almost no water. According to the facts, one gram of resins contains way more calories then the juicy grapes whereas a cup of raisin contains 500 calories which is terrible if you want to lose weight.
  • Banana
    Bananas are one of our favorite fruits, and they are also quite healthy, but one banana contains 150 calories which are something that you can afford if you’re planning on losing weight. This doesn’t mean that you should give up the fruits. Consume it after a day or two and stick to only one banana a day instead of eating 2 to 3 of them in breakfast only.
  • Mango
    If we talk about the tropical fruits, then mangoes are the first ones that come to our mind. But if you are on a diet, then you must avoid them because they contain high sugar levels which can lead to weight gain instead of weight loss. So avoid manages because they for sure come with some hidden calories along with that sweet taste.
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