How Do I Choose a Motorcycle Helmet? Top Three Things to Consider 

March 9, 2024
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The Helmet Gurus reviews so many good helmets that you can have difficulty choosing one. However, whether you love adventure riding or use your motorcycle for work, you have no option but to secure a helmet for your safety. Below are the three major things to consider when choosing a helmet. 

Safety Certification

The first consideration is whether the helmet has a recognized safety certification. This issue is crucial since the primary reason for using a helmet is to protect you from head injuries. Consider a case where you are riding on a wet winter day when suddenly you skid and fall on black ice. The right helmet will prevent your head from directly hitting the pavement.

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Different safety organizations use certifications to ensure helmets provide minimum protection. For example, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) takes helmets through several tests to determine their performance under various circumstances. Helmets that pass the test receive the DOT certification mark on the back.

Fit and Comfort

The second thing to consider is how well the helmet fits you and how it feels on your head. Helmet fit and comfort are crucial for two main reasons. First, a helmet protects you best if it fits you. For example, an oversized helmet might slide out of position and leave your forehead unprotected in an accident.

Secondly, you may only be comfortable using a helmet, especially for extended periods, if it’s comfortable. Otherwise, you might be tempted to remove the helmet and ride unprotected. 

Therefore, take the following measures to ensure the helmet is comfortable and fitting:

  • Measure your head correctly and buy a helmet of the right size
  • Confirm the helmet’s padding and inner liner have comfortable and moisture-wicking materials
  • Look for a helmet with an adjustable fit system so you can customize its fit
  • Consider a helmet with a good ventilation system that facilitates air circulation 

You can also get help from the dozens of buying guides and reviews the Helmet Gurus provides on its website. 

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Design Type 

The third factor deals with your preference for helmet type. Motorcycle helmets are available in three main types. First, let’s consider open-face helmets. These helmets typically cover the crown of the head and extend to the back and sides. The helmets lack a chin bar and leave the face open.

You may love an open-face helmet if you like how the wind feels on your face while riding. You may also love the helmet if you want to communicate with others easily without removing your helmet.

The second type is the full-face helmet that covers the entire head, as the name suggests. You may choose this helmet if you want full protection from the elements. Full-face helmets also protect the whole head, unlike the open-face variety. These helmets are also relatively quieter, so you can use one if you don’t like road noise in your ears as you enjoy your weekend rides.

The last type is the modular helmet that combines the features of open-face and full-face helmets. The modular helmet has a hinged chin bar you can raise or lower to transform the helmet from a full-face to an open-face configuration. Consider the modular variety if you want a versatile helmet in all situations, for example, in the rain or the sun. 

In short, take your time to choose a helmet since you must consider several things. Consider the major points above, but understand the list is not exhaustive. Go through the reviews on Helmet Gurus for additional factors to consider.


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