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Open Your Own Store

Open Your Own Store on Angels Marketplace

In order to start selling your products on Angels Marketplace, you have to head over to their market store and get registered as a seller. The “sellers’ registration” tab can be found on the top left of the page. Once you have clicked on that, you will be redirected to another page where you have to feel in some information related to your online store.

Some of the information that you have to provide include:

Name of your store

The name of your store – this is the name which your buyers will use to identify you. So, pay attention to branding when coming up with your store name because you want a name which your buyers can always and easily remember.

Store contact information

In addition to choosing a store name, you will have to enter a store phone number so your customers can easily reach out to you in case of any emergency. Sellers will also have to provide an address to their store, the logo of their business and a store banner.

These information help with the branding of your online store and will help to give you more exposure plus it looks professional.


Angels Marketplace is a worldwide platform where sellers can sell their products from any part of the world. Sellers will also be requested to enter their location by providing the country where the store is being created from, their store postal code, store city and even their store state/region.

What is your shipping policy?

Shipping is an important aspect of every online business and at Angels Marketplace, sellers are given the opportunity to provide their own shipping policy. How quick do you send out orders? How much do you charge for an order? Where can you ship to?

Those are some of the important details to enter in your store shipping policy.

Store return policy

There are times when buyers may want to change or return an order. What if a buyer wants to return a product? Sellers have the chance of providing all those details here in the store return policy box.

Store Meta Keywords

These are keywords that will help your buyers to quickly search your page on Angels Marketplace. Make the keywords easy to remember and quite short.

Store Meta Description

Your store meta description helps to describe what your store is all about so you will definitely want to pay attention to this section and of course keep it simple. This is the section that presents your brand. Google also looks for the Meta Description for your store and can use it in the search results. Limit your description to about 155 characters, including spaces.

To help seller’s market and share the link to their social media business pages and online store, they will have to provide the following details.

SEO URL for store

This is simply a no spaces name for your stire: "my-great-new-store-name"

Social Media

Promoting your store (and selling your products) is easier if you do it on Social Media. Set up accounts and get links for:

  • Facebook Page (not a personal profile)
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • You Own Website

WhatsApp number

WhatsApp is one of the top mediums which sellers use in communicating with some of their buyers, so try to have an official WhatsApp number.

Payment policy

Select the payment plan which your customers can use in making payments: Paypal is more commonly used on Angels Marketplace.

Now that you have successfully created your store at Angels Marketplace make sure to start uploading professional pictures of your products and start reaching out to customers on different social media platforms.